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Technical Assistance for the preparation of the 1st Meeting of ACP Ministers of Health

Overall project value (EUR)
61 000 €
Origin of funding
European Commission
Start date
End date
Project description
The Secretariat of ACP Group of States organised the First Meeting of Ministers of Health of ACP States held in Brussels October 24-26 2007. The objectives of the meeting were the following:
- Articulate and take stock of the needed interventions for the achievement of the relevant MDGs;
- Reflect of the responses to the outcomes of the WSSD with respect to health;
- Examine the EDF resources required to implement the needed interventions and draw up strategies that will effectively utilize these resources in ACP States and regions;
- Reaffirm intra-ACP cooperation at the political level, in support of regional collaboration in key areas of health as a vehicle for sustainable development in ACP States and regions;
- Propose new initiatives for intra-ACP cooperation in the health sector in response to the WSSD outcomes and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Technical Assistance aimed to contribute to the successful preparation, organisation and convening of the 1st Meeting of Ministers of Health. The objective was to secure the services of a Consultant, under the management of the ACP Secretary-General, to assist with the technical preparations and organization for the Ministerial and Senior Officials Meetings as indicated above.
Service description
Services provided by the TA:

a) Assist with the preparation of relevant background technical documentation for the Ministerial Meeting in collaboration with relevant Regional and International Organisations;
b) Utilise extensive relevant networks of contacts/associates/collaborators/friends in the interest of the ACP Group in its preparations for the Ministerial Meeting;
c) In consultation with the ACP Secretariat, make recommendations regarding inter alia relevant background documents, content and format arrangements pertaining to the Ministerial Meeting;
d) Assist in the preparation and finalization of the Draft Ministerial Declaration, Framework for Action and any other document(s) that will constitute the outcome of the 1st Meeting of ACP Ministers of Health; and
e) Assist in any other technical task and activity in relation to the Ministerial Meeting.