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Technical Assistance in public health in Afghanistan

Persian Gulf - Middle East
Start date
End date

Project Administrator

Economy (Health)
Long term
End recruitment
Job description
The contract is full time for a duration of one year
Under the supervision of the AEDES Representative in Afghanistan and Project Team leader, the Administration Project Head Manager will have to fulfill the following tasks and responsibilities:

1) Administration and support to accountancy: administrative, financial and accountancy issues, management of fiscal activities, budget follow-up, supervision of the teams, communication with the Ministry, the EC and AEDES.

2) Staffing: Human resources management, short and long terms experts.

3) Logistics : Supervise logistic for training, workshops, organization, short term missions, help in preparation of supplies' tenders, supervise stocks, inventory, maintenance, transport issues.
Job qualification
-Diploma and/or experience in Project Management
-3 to 5 years experience in projects' administration/accountancy management
-Experience of EU procedures will be an assess
-Knowledge of office processes, procedures an technology (Word, Excel, internet).
-Good knowledge of accountancy and finance
-Capacity in contract drafting and follow-up
-Experience in supervising project and team activities
-Strong interpersonal communication organizational skills
-Initiative and proven ability to work with little supervision
-Fluency in English
Mission duration and start date
-Based in Kabul MOPH
-Full time contract for a duration of 9 months.
-Salary scale based on professional experience

Senior Expert

Short term
End recruitment
Job description
Support to the Community Health Promotion Department of the Ministry of Public Health. Kabul-Afghanistan.

Global objective
Assist the Community Health Promotion Department (CHPD) to play its stewardship role in policy and strategy development, coordination and supervision of the implementation of community health promotion activities managed by the units of the Department.

Specific objective(s) and expected results
The consultant will support the CHPD with the general task of capacity development of this Department. The attitude and methodology that are expected have to be as close as possible to the definition of capacity development given by UNDP: "the process by which individuals, organization, institutions and societies develop abilities (individually and collectively) to perform functions, solve problems and set and achieve objectives". It is not expected that the consultant acts "instead of" but rather that s/he acts "in support of".
Based on the above, the objectives of the consultancy and its expected results are:
1) To harmonize community health promotion activities within the department and make recommendations for improvement (e.g. related to organizational structure and functions)

2) To strengthen the stewardship role of the CHP Department

3)    To identify main strategic directions and interventions for the CHP Department for the years 2011-2015, in alignment with the MoPH's Strategic Plan

4) To identify further support needs for promoting Health Community Promotion
Job qualification
One senior expert.
Estimated input days: 90 days in Kabul (end : 15 march 2012).

Qualifications and skills

- Masters degree in Public Health
- Fluency in English
- Strong analytical interpersonal communication and drafting skills
- Proven ability to develop and maintain good professional relations with stakeholders, particularly counterparts and staff members
- Initiative and proven ability to work with little supervision
- Experience in designing and conducting capacity development initiatives using a wide range of capacity development strategies, methodologies and approaches.
- Proven capacity to train and coach

General professional experience
- General working experience with donors, non-governmental organizations, Ministry, civil society, Academia
- Proven experience in planning and implementing Community Health Promotion at least at provincial scale
- Experience of institutional development, preferably in the context of post-conflict, weak or failing states
- Experience in the health sector in Afghanistan will be an assess

Working language(s)

Working langue will be English. Dari and Pashto are widely used at MoPH level.
Mission duration and start date
90 days in Kabul (end : 15 march 2012).
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