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Governance for Afghan Public Health sector: support to the General Directorate for Pharmaceutical Affairs - Afghanistan

Persian Gulf - Middle East
Start date
End date
Project description
The overall objective of the project is the support to the Ministry of Public Health for the strengthening of its role of steward of the afghan public health system in the pharmaceuticals sub sector.

The project has the scope of assisting the GDPA in better defining and increasing its stewardship role for oversight and implementation out of the functions under its guidance. Good governance issues with a long term vision have to be built in. Although this tender requires only one long term expert, the budget clearly makes provisions for a number of short term experts dealing with particular aspects of the pharmaceutical sub-sector.
The state of the play of the sub-sector may seem discouraging, it is thus essential to contribute to build in the GDPA the core functions and standard operating procedures for enabling the subsector to develop harmoniously with the whole afghan public health system.
Service description
The purposes of this contract are as follows:
- To build capacities and standard operating procedures allowing the GDPA to play its guiding role in coordination and supervision of the pharmaceutical sub-sector;
- To support the GDPA's units and departments in their stewardship role vis-à-vis to all stakeholders involved in the pharmaceutical sub-sector;
- To support the capacity building efforts of GDPA

Results to be achieved by the Consultant:
The consultant will be in support of the GDPA with the general task of capacity development of this GD. The attitude and methodology that is expected has to be as close as possible to the definition of capacity development given by UNDP: "the process by which individuals, organization, institutions and societies develop abilities (individually and collectively) to perform functions, solve problems and set and achieve objectives". It is not expected that the consultant acts "instead of" but rather that it acts "in support of".

Based on the above, the results expected at the end of the duration of the contract are:
The GDPA is enabled to play its guiding role in:
a. Policy, legislation, monitoring and evaluation and surveillance functions;
b. Acting as a proactive coordination body for all issues related to the pharmaceutical subsector;
c. Offering appropriate technical support on identified priority gaps for the roll out of policies and strategies;
d. Offering appropriate supportive supervision for the Provincial level;
e. Framing the supervision skills of the provincial level and of the national level in full coordination with M&E department and other appropriate MoPH departments;

The GDPA is capable and autonomous in presenting its annual financial and technical plan to MoPH and Ministry of Finance.

The technical and managerial capacities of GDPA and Provincial Pharmacy Officers are enhanced

Team Leader  - Pharmaceutical Advisor

Medicines and pharmaceutical policies
Long term
End recruitment
Job description
Given the needs for flexibility in assisting such a complex GD, what follows is a minimal list of tasks to be undertaken in order to achieve the contract objective. Fine tuning and adjustments will be needed along the course of the project.

1. Advisory supports the General Director or in his strategic decisions, policy formulation and coordination role;
2. Support to units and departments of GDPA not assisted by other actors.
3. Support to the coordination mechanisms and pipelines between (GDPA "General Directorate for Pharmaceutical Affairs", Donors and private/governmental institutions).
4. Support for the capacity development and support for the Provincial Pharmacist and BPHS/EPHS NGOs staff in their regular work of implementation, supervision, drug management, drug stocking, reporting, proper stocking, Rational Utilization of Drug...
5. Organization and follow up of steering committees to follow up on the development of the project as well as fine-tuning needs not foreseen at the moment of writing the ToR
6. Reporting: in addition to the requirement for reporting set in the General conditions, a short monthly report, based of the list of activities and on the logical framework should be produced
7. The Consultant must also observe the latest Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Actions concerning acknowledgement of EU financing of the project (see
Job qualification
This paragraph describes the expertise required in order to carry out the assignment. The team-leader has to have competencies on all the items listed below. MC=Minimum Criterion marks the characteristic that need to be satisfied. Where MC is not indicated, the item is desirable (D) and its absence will not exclude the candidate from the evaluation process.

Qualifications and skills:
1 MC Post-graduate academic degree in the field of pharmacy and/or a certification for registration to practice as a pharmacist and or Masters degree in Public Health with a focus on pharmacy or other related relevant field to the ToR.
2 D Degree in Phamacy
3 MC Fluency in English
4 D Knowledge of Local Languages
5 D Strong analytical and drafting skills
6 D Proven ability to develop and maintain good professional relations with stakeholders, particularly counterparts and staff members
7 MC Working experience in a post-conflict country   .
8 D Initiative and proven ability to work with little supervision
9 MC Proven capacity to supervise, train and coach

General professional experience:
10 MC At least 10 years experience in planning and/or implementing pharmaceutical intervention at least at provincial scale
11 MC At least 5 years of experience of institutional development, preferably in the context of post-conflict, weak or failing states
12 MC At least 10 years of working experience with donors, non-governmental organizations, Ministry, civil society, Academia [the total will be considered]
13 D At least 3 years of experience in the health sector in Afghanistan

Specific professional experience:
14 MC At least 3 years of working experience at policy level in the pharmaceutical subsector
15 D Working experience as Technical Assistance at Ministry level
Mission duration and start date
400 working days
no job found.