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Support to the administration reform of the Government of Afghanistan in the Health sector

Persian Gulf - Middle East
Overall project value (EUR)
Origin of funding
European Commission
Start date
End date
Project description
Overall objective of the projects:
• To improve and strengthen the managerial and administrative capacity of the Afghan Ministry of Public Health to provide efficient, accessible and equitable health services to the Afghan population at large and specifically in rural and remote areas.

Project Purpose:
To enable and strengthen the deconcentration process of the Ministry of Public Health by providing support to the General Directorate of Provincial Public Health and selected Provincial Health Directorates in EC-funded Provinces (with a likely inclusion of MoPH-supported provinces).

The following results are expected from the project:
• The General Directorate for Provincial Public Health is fully functional and fulfils its roles and responsibilities effectively
• Provincial Health Teams manage the Provincial Health Directorates proficiently
• Health care is delivered in an equitable and efficient manner in selected provinces
• Information technology is installed and functioning

Results to achieve
• The Project Task Force is fully functional and delivers timely
• Deconcentration processes are fully supported with the aim of institutionalisation
• Training needs identified and training provided are in line
• Systems to be implemented link with other initiatives and national programmes
• The project outcome should provide a framework for a national decentralisation process, rather than be an isolated EC exercise
• Feedback and lessons learned are effectively institutionalised at both central and provincial levels
Service description
One long term TA : Public Health expert, MD

Provision of support to the General Directorate for Provincial Public (GDPP) to set up the project task force.
Provision of support to the role definition and organisation of the (DGDPP). Support the elaboration of both the DGPP work plan as well as that of the project task force.  
Analyse and make proposition in the field of organisational relations between provincial and central levels as well as propose a model of information flow.
Provision of support in terms of Capacity building identification at both provincial and national levels (see section on capacity building).
Participate in the planning exercise of the provincial Health directorates (this will contribute to building capacities through "learning by doing" process)
Performing studies and analysis (action research, capitalisation) in order to identify and disseminate "lesson learnt" in the course of the decentralisation process to allow adaptation and institutionalisation of