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Information systems

Access to up-to-date, quality information on the various aspects of a health system is well recognised as the primary condition for initiating public health activities. Given the observed weaknesses of health information systems in many countries, AEDES has worked on developing its expertise in Health Information Systems (HIS) from the outset.

Health Information: Specific Know-How

Technical assistance with defining and implementing national and regional health information systems:

  • General routine information systems
  • Specific information systems: specific to the level of health system (health centres, secondary hospitals, tertiary hospitals) or to particular health problems (centred on a particular disease, such as HIV/AIDS, or on reproductive health).

Technical assistance with implementing national health maps

Technical assistance with assessing and improving health information systems

Technical support as part of the Health Metrics Network (HMN), the global initiative to improve health information systems hosted by WHO

Support with monitoring the treatment of and the care provided to People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). AEDES is currently developing a set of procedures, tools and a software package (POLARIS) which combines patient records with cohort tracking.

Support with developing hospital information systems (with GEMELLI)

Health Information: Other Products

  • Developing health information management software (GESIS for routine health information, CASCAM for preparing and managing health maps, POLARIS for monitoring patients living with HIV/AIDS)
  • Publication of 'Système d'information sanitaire', a reference book on health information systems: first edition 1996, revised edition 2005 (under translation in English)
  • Creation in 2004 of an intensive course on health information systems in cooperation with the School of Public Health of ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles)