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Food security

Since the end of the '80s, AEDES has played a pioneering role in the design and deployment of Early Warning Systems (EWS) for decision support and food crisis prevention in Africa (Mali, Chad, Mozambique, Madagascar, Niger, etc.).

'Systèmes d'Information pour la Sécurité Alimentaire. L'expérience AEDES en Afrique' ('Food Security Information Systems: The AEDES Experience in Africa'), P.M. Boulanger, D. Michiels, C. De Jaegher, AEDES, Editions L'Harmattan, 300 pages, ISBN 2-7475-5885-1, April 2004

Since the end of the '90s, AEDES has built on this extensive experience in food security information systems, expanding its expertise on many levels:

  • Supporting the deployment of decision support systems for rural development and vulnerability monitoring. In this area, we have successfully developed and tested methods and tools to monitor policies and programmes in the fields of rural development and food security.
  • Supporting the development of food security strategies and the definition of corresponding action plans
  • The fight against endemic malnutrition

Long-term programmes recently implemented by AEDES in the field of food and nutrition security include:

  • Madagascar: The SIRSA (Système d'information rural et pour la sécurité alimentaire; Rural food security information system) project (since 2004) covers the entire country. Based on the Early Warning System that we set up in the south of the island in 1997 and with the inclusion of rural development and a wider geographical area, we are implementing a project to monitor the countrywide Programme Sectoriel Agricole (PSA; Agricultural programme) (since 2008, with EC funding).
  • Niger (2004 to 2009): This initiative involved supporting the deployment of tools to monitor food security and malnutrition and to assess the impact of the actions of three NGO projects (Aquadev, EC funding).
  • Guinea Bissau (2007-09): We supported the upgrade of the Système national d'information sur la sécurité alimentaire (SISA; National food security information system) covering agricultural statistics, market monitoring and food vulnerability.
  • Mali (since 2007): We provided technical assistance to the national authorising officer in the technical management of NGO food security projects financed by the EC.
  • Yemen (since 02/2008): In partnership with GFA, this project concerned the deployment of a food security information system (EC funding).
  • We provided support in the preparation of the Document d'Orientation Stratégique Nutrition (Nutrition Strategic Directions) in developing countries for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2008-2009)

We have also carried out short-term assignments in a number of fields:

  • Designing information systems and socio-economic decision support tools
  • Designing and implementing surveys (household surveys and socio-economic panels, market monitoring, nutritional surveys, agricultural production)
  • Statistical analyses
  • Developing Database Management Systems
  • Drafting food security strategies and programmes
  • Developing tools to monitor rural development and food security policies (for example, indicators)
  • Information dissemination tools (reports, atlas, websites, etc.)
  • Nutrition


  • French-speaking (in particular) and Portuguese-speaking Africa
  • English-speaking Africa
  • Asia