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Health Care Quality

The quality of health care, linked to quality prior planning, depends on a complex set of factors that make it possible to have:

  • Hospital hygiene and the fight against nosocomial infections
  • Drug availability
  • Links between the various areas of care (emergencies, out-patient care, hospital care, technological facilities, visitors, etc.)
  • Internal organisation and staff regulations
  • Programming continual training courses and staff accreditation
  • Proper records maintenance (medical, paramedical, transfer documents, medical reports, etc.)
  • Service analysis (technical staff, organisational meetings, patient satisfaction surveys, etc.)

AEDES has implemented a large number of projects and programmes involving health care quality in developing and middle-income countries (in Europe, this specific expertise is provided by AEDES through its subsidiary GEMELLI).

AEDES possesses know-how and experience in the following areas:

  • Implementing quality and risk management policies
    • Launching various health alerts
    • Setting up patient records
    • Institutional capacity assessment and recommendations (technical, organisational and managerial quality)
    • Cost-quality analysis; control of indicators
    • Setting up quality assurance programmes
  • Assessing professional practices
    • Developing tools, prescribing information and profiles
    • Record analysis (problem cases, deaths, appropriateness of hospital care, statistics, etc.)
    • Therapy analysis (treatment, examinations requested, transfers, etc.) and its consistency with protocols
    • Setting up accreditation/certification processes
  • Considering ethics
    • Incorporating ethical concepts in health care practice
    • Developing the concepts of accommodation and respect for the person