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Health Systems Organisation

Since its creation, AEDES has focused on the improvement of health systems, providing long-term support and short-term expertise in many countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. More recently, AEDES has worked in the area of health system organisation in Eastern and Western Europe through its hospital division and its cooperation with clinic networks.

The four basic principles of primary health care, recently underlined by WHO in its World Health Report 2008, has always guided AEDES' work in the field of health system organization: universal coverage, person-centred services, leadership and governance and sound public policies to promote health.

AEDES has developed specific know-how in various areas of health system organisation and reform

Universal Coverage

Financing strategies to enable greater equity in health care access.

Improving access to basic health care through health cover plans and by bringing primary care networks into operation.

Training health workers.

Conducting satisfaction surveys to enable greater consideration of the human factor and fight discrimination in access to health care.


Health Service Provision Organisation

Health district organisation: improving referral and counter-referral systems, defining the respective roles of each level of care, planning and managing human resources, training, drug supply and health information systems.

Streamlining health care provision at the lowest rung and establishing family medicine.

Integrating vertical programs by improving activity packages, harmonising health information systems and pooling resources.

Rationalising hospital care through Schémas régionaux d'offre de soins (SROS; regional health mapping).

Strengthening public-private partnerships, creating platforms for dialogue focused on health care quality and networking.

Establishing peer systems to improve care quality.


In the area of leadership strengthening and governance

Health policy strengthening and health systems reform as part of the reorganisation of care delivery based on health districts, redistribution of roles for regulation, implementation of innovative financing schemes (health insurance, contractualisation, performance based financing, free care).

Health planning: development of national plans and regional health development, preparation of methodology for operational planning of health district and its application in the field in many different contexts, methodology and support to developing national health coverage plans ( Districts, HC, hospitals), health mapping.

Institutional analysis and capacity building at different levels of the health system: institutional audit of the Ministry at central level, skills evaluation and capacity building at central, intermediate and peripheral levels, in the context of decentralisation, support to district management teams in the areas of planning, supervision, management, organisation of care at different levels, training of managerial staff.


Public Policies to Promote Health

Health at school support programmes.

Fighting discrimination by raising awareness among human rights organisations, particularly in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Setting up warning systems in the field of food security and tools to monitor national rural and agricultural sector programmes (Madagascar).

Preparing policy notes in the fight against maternal and child malnutrition.
In addition to this know-how, the AEDES team is also involved in health system research. AEDES ensures that it capitalises on experience gained in the field and participates in an intensive course on health system research at the School of Public Health, ULB.