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Drugs and Pharmaceutical Policies

Public Health Pharmacy

The concept 'public health pharmacy' encompasses all activities involved in the definition of drug policies and in the management of drugs in general.
AEDES regularly works on these various aspects:

Elaborating national pharmaceutical policies and, more particularly, essential drugs policies and procurement strategies:

  • Defining, implementing, monitoring and assessing national drug supply structures: central pharmacies, national supply networks, etc.
  • Defining, implementing, monitoring and assessing essential drug distribution systems
  • Designing, implementing, monitoring and assessing drug information systems
  • Methods for quantifying needs at all levels of the supply chain
  • Drug procurement strategies and procedures
  • Elaborating pharmaceutical product specifications
  • Logistics planning

Aspects specific to the supply of 'strategic drugs' (ARV, ACT and anti-TB drugs):

All the topics described above are similar for specialised drugs used in programmes to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. However, AEDES has also developed and is using some specific tools in this particular area: information systems, dynamic simulation tools, needs quantification and planning, etc.

Issues concerning drug production and certain strategic active pharmaceutical ingredients

AEDES works with pharmaceutical production specialists and is capable of conducting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits of drug manufacturing plants.

AEDES is also conducting, as part of a dedicated project, a study on Artemisia cultivation and active ingredient extraction processes with the aim of developing and setting out, in the future, the conditions for ACT production.

Quality Assurance

AEDES has recently worked on a specific programme aimed at improving the oft-neglected field of quality assurance management in essential drugs procurement.

AEDES also participated in the working group set up by the Global Fund to review the quality assurance procedures of the Global Drug Facility.

Operational Research

AEDES systematically conducts operational research as part of its long-term projects in the field.  Various topics raised under the public health pharmacy heading have been the subject of research, publications and related training sessions.


AEDES' staff has developed training sessions comprising drug management modules:

Research and development of IT solutions adapted to specific drug management problems

  • Anaomes: software dedicated to managing the tendering process
  • Quantis: software dedicated to drug consumption monitoring statistics and to needs quantification
  • Polaris: software dedicated to monitoring HIV-patients
  • Gesis: software dedicated to national health information system management. This software is used in several countries (such as Madagascar, DRC, Rwanda, Chad and the Salomon Islands) and includes the management of information on the status of drugs in peripheral health structures.