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The hospital occupies a fundamental place in all health systems as much for the provision of effective health care as for the costs involved and the credibility and image of the health system.

One of AEDES' priorities has always been to assist the development of functional primary and higher-level care hospitals by optimising their operating costs in order to provide quality care at an affordable price.

AEDES has implemented numerous projects and programs in the hospital sector in developing and middle-income countries (in Europe, this specific know-how is implemented by AEDES through its subsidiary GEMELLI).

AEDES possesses know-how and experience in the following areas:

AEDES has expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Feasibility studies for establishing hospitals: assessing the facilities and number of beds needed according to current care provision and health needs, financial viability analysis and legal feasibility
  • Preparing hospital and, in particular, medical projects (the hospital's place in the health system, defining the activities to be implemented, adapting services, identifying human resource needs, relationship with other structures in the health system, etc.)
  • Hospital management (financial, equipment and human resource management)
  • Care quality
  • Organising services (management and organisation of surgical units, organisation of emergency services, etc.)
  • Guidance and support in the accreditation and certification processes
  • Hospital information systems (activity, patient record, management tool, reports)
  • Workload analysis
  • Recruiting and training medical and paramedical staff

For activities involving programming, hospital architecture and project tracking, AEDES relies on a network of partners specialised in these areas.