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Health Economics

Health financing is a major factor influencing the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of health systems.

AEDES has extensive expertise in the various aspects of health economics and health system financing in low- and middle-income countries.

At a macro-economic level, AEDES has carried out many specialised assignments in areas that involve health financing issues, including:

  • Supporting sector programming and budgeting
  • Developing Medium-Term Expenditure Frameworks
  • Supporting the creation of Basket Funds
  • Public Expenditure Reviews
  • Supporting the set up of sector budget support
  • Budget support evaluation

AEDES also has considerable expertise in health sector financing methods and instruments. This know-how is available to all health sector stakeholders to enable them to make the appropriate decisions to improve their allocation of resources. AEDES provides support in various areas:

  • Implementing medical insurance and mutual insurance schemes
  • Introducing third party payment systems (equity funds, performance-based financing, service procurement)
  • Establishing health care funding mechanisms (programme estimates, investment projects)
  • Voucher/coupon systems
  • Research on the financial accessibility of health care, financial barriers, pricing, equity

AEDES is a leading consultant in performance- and results-based financing. As well as managing a vast number of projects to implement these innovative financing systems and playing an active role in research and training in this field, the company is one of the founders of the Incentives for health provider performance network (Réseau sur les Incitations à la performance des prestataires de services de santé).

To optimise the decision support process, AEDES makes use of the wide range of health economics tools available, such as cost efficiency analysis, cost benefit analysis, cost studies and household surveys to list but a few.