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Quality Assurance

AEDES is a reputable organisation that offers a guarantee of proper execution of the tasks and missions assigned to her. AEDES is a competent partner with whom the parties involved in a study or a project may openly discuss technical and human issues encountered and find solutions.

A Quality Policy is implemented to ensure the proper execution of the tasks entrusted to AEDES, based on the following principles:

  • AEDES team is composed of a large technical staff skilled in the organisation's core business: public health physicians, pharmacists, health economists, engineers, they share the values of the organisation, perform missions on the ground and feed by their advices the consultants in the field.
  • AEDES is recruiting consultants with a high level of professional expertise with track record, selected after interview or recommended by other professionals.
  • The AEDES technical staff systematically oversees all missions: the consultants are briefed prior to departure, the terms of reference are analysed, calendars and planning of intervention are established. The consultants are evaluated during and after their assignment, the reports are validated by a technical reference person before being released.